I Want a Husband

I called and tried to ask you what you and I were.  What do you want?   and are you still with her?  If you are still with her, we cannot be anything anymore.  I cannot keep speaking to you.  Playing with my heart.  I need to know.

I played your favorite board game with your daughter today.  Monopoly…junior of course.  It should have been you showing her the ways of your favorite game.

I had to have a discussion with your five year old about our bodies and kisses and modesty and how are bodies are special.  You should have been there for that and you should be here to fill the need of intimacy with her father, a man.

I want a husband to be here for those things.  I want a husband to watch tv with at night.  I want a husband to lie in bed with at night.  To help put the groceries away.  To play with our children.  To have family time with.  To eat dinner with.  To go on dates with.  To drive around with.  To go to church with.  To help put the kids to bed.  I want a husband to share my life with.  I want a husband.

I wish you wanted to be mine.

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