Save the Potatoes!

Sometimes I so want to give my all to you again.  I enjoyed being a wife.  I wasn’t perfect but I sure did put 100% of my effort into being a good wife.  I enjoyed texting you every morning.  I enjoyed going to the store and buying you a surprise just because.  I enjoyed leaving you notes.  I enjoyed making your favorite suppers, packing your lunch, going shooting with you, playing frisbee golf, doing the things you liked.  I enjoyed being a wife.   Sometimes I want to give you my all again.

But then I’m reminded of the times you didn’t want to play video games with me, didn’t want me playing frisbee golf with you because the children were impeding on your fun and I couldn’t keep them out of the way or quiet.  I’m reminded of the times my texts were never answered.  The times where hardly ever you initiated the texts or calls.  It was most often me…I don’t really remember you texting me to have a good day.  I remember the fact that you cheated on me and lied about it for who knows how long.  And like today I’m so clearly reminded that to an incredible amount of people “being a stay at home mom is easy and not work.”

It amazes me how many people think this.  “Cook supper for me because you have to bring the kids to dance tonight and you have a doctors appointment today but you aren’t doing anything else.”  That’s right.  I don’t have to clean up ten spills, do the laundry, feed, bathe, get 5 people dressed, wipe tears, do time outs and spankings, clean the kitchen a thousand times, change diapers or anything.  It’s all good lets add your needs too.  But not just this, people post of Facebook about how hard it is to be a mom…people laugh at those jokes but really don’t have any idea how hard it is until they are in those shoes for more than a day.

You husband, are one of those people.  “You need to get a job, you could go to school to be a radiologist”…yes I could and then I have to let someone else raise my kids (not that I’m doing a heck of a great job) and pay all my income to the childcare and then I have to come home and be a mom still.  Or what about the idea of you being able to do just as good as me or better?  For some reason I’m reminded of the time I ran out at 6am before anyone was awake to buy a christmas present for the kids that was on sale…I got back around 7:30 and the first thing I saw when I walk in was our infant rolling around in the garbage from the knocked over garbage can…you were in bed doing I don’t want to know what.

It really pisses me off when people think that being a mom is easy.  We just sit around all day doing nothing.  I am currently typing this in my hour of nap time, using my foot to rock the baby and cooking potatoes on the stove that are about to boil over.  Will you ever be able to give me credit for the work I do?  And you aren’t the only one that has this thinking, but I hate to tell you this…you guys are all wrong.  Being a mom is a never ending job.  If I do get a babysitter it’s to do an errand and for the next 6 months I won’t be alone…ever as I am the one source of food for a child.

All I’m saying is good job to those who work and are mom’s…you are amazing.  But give us some darn credit if we don’t work out of the house.  I can’t imagine what will be said when I say my work is on the computer…psh…get a real job right?

Thank you Lord for patience.  Continue to teach me forgiveness.  I seem to have forgotten how to forgive lately.  Lead me and guide me God, give me wisdom in all areas of my life.  Thank you for helping me provide for my children.  Let me be a blessing to others.  Help me keep my eyes on you God and my focus on you.  Help me to not let my thoughts or focus stray from your love and your grace.  You are all I need.  You have mighty plans for my life.  I have a purpose.  So does my husband.  Thank you for him and thank you for my life.  In Jesus name amen.

Save the potatoes!

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