Maybe One Day

It would be nice to not be a single parent anymore.

Single parents are seriously amazing.

God made a woman and a man to be one and a team.

A team.

It’s exhausting running this race by yourself.

One kid needs a hug, one needs food, one needs help with coat and boots and one needs the boob.  A husband would be helpful in moment likes these.

A husband would be even more amazing to hold me and watch tv with me and let me jabber about my day was.  Yes I’ll tell you all the minute details that really don’t matter, but it’s me.  It may even be a girl thing…regardless, it would make me feel so special if you sat and just listened to me talk.  It would be nice to just be with you.  It would be nice to get to the day when we can be together, enjoy each other and not think about her.

I wonder if the day will ever come when I’m not reminded every single day of her.  I sure hope so.

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