Last night he disappeared again.

That was hard.  I flipped via text.  It’s hard to flip via text sometimes.  But for me it’s even harder to do on the phone.  I seem to not be able to get my words out verbally.  It’s a very difficult thing for me.  Probably why communication is an issue in our relationship.

I probably could have handled it differently.  But you got the point.  Don’t disappear. Period.  At this point in our relationship it’s a detriment if I can’t talk to you whenever I want.  It’s security.  Safety.  Re-asurance.

Some people…most people think I’m a complete idiot.  But as this blog is titled, abundant grace.  I live in it, seek it, embrace it. I refuse to live in anything but grace.

Grace is defined as elegance and also God’s favor, blessings coming my way left and right.

I will walk in this situation with as much grace as I can.  Sometimes I fail, but I will pick my self up and start walking in it again.

I will live my life with abundant grace.  And right now I need it to forgive you.  To live in the hope that this could work out.  To think the best of you when my whole world doesn’t think so highly of you.  I may be the only person other than God who believes in you right now.  I will not abandon you.  If I need to separate myself I will, but at the moment you asked for hope, so I will give it to you.  Our children are safe at the moment, so I will give a little of me in hopes that that little bit of me will be what you need to be the man of God you can be.

Abundant grace.  I choose to live in abundant grace.  God’s got my back.  His blessings follow me everywhere I go.  I have His favor.  He loves me.  I’m so thankful for Him.  I’m so thankful for His blessings.  I’m so thankful He takes care of me.  I love my God!

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