At church peace was preached.  It was so good.  Just what I needed.

The Prince of Peace lives inside of me therefore I have peace all the time.

If I have anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, offense, jealousy, fear then I’m not in peace.

The Prince of Peace lives inside of me, I have peace all the time.

Jesus dealt with a lot of crap.  He had people trying to stone Him, arrest Him, make Him angry, test Him and push every button.  Yet not once did he loose his peace.  He walked away from the people trying to stone him and healed someone.  He wasn’t angry when mobs surrounded and pushed all around Him.  He didn’t lash out when people said things to Him or pushed His buttons.  He had peace.

I then thought God did you suffer as I have suffered?

The answer is yes.  I was betrayed the ultimate betrayal.  He was too.  Judas, Jesus’ friend.  His money-keeper, one of his closest buddies abandoned Him, betrayed Him, sold Him for death.  I was betrayed by my best friend and it felt like I died.

How did Jesus feel?   I really don’t know.  He never lost His peace.  He could have felt angry, upset, anxious, fear, I could imagine there would be great fear for His life and great anger at his friend.  His friend betrayed Him, someone he trusted greatly (he let him hold His money and be in His personal space) sold Jesus out.  He was sold out, abandoned, given up for someone else or something else…money.  I was abandoned for someone else and for the love of money too.  Jesus must have felt the same feelings as me.  Anger and fear and great sorrow.  Yet he reacted differently.  He didn’t lose His peace, He didn’t let it effect the way He lived His life.  He healed one of the men trying to arrest him wrongly.  He forgave Judas.

He forgave Judas.  He forgave the person that hurt him the worst.  He forgave him.

He forgave his disciples for disappointing Him and falling asleep instead of praying.  He forgave Peter when he betrayed Jesus three times.  He denied knowing Jesus and Jesus forgave Him.

Jesus didn’t get depressed.  He didn’t lash out in anger.  He felt the pain.  He cried out to God, gave it to God and moved on.  He did it right.  He had peace through it all.  He never lost His peace and He always walked in peace.

I need this.  If Jesus did it I can too.  “I tell you the truth, anyone, who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.”  John 14:12

I can have peace through it all.  I can have peace when I have to face the feelings I feel.  When I have to deal with them and sort them out and feel them and not just ignore them because I have to talk to the person who is the source of the feelings.  I can have peace when I do this.  I have peace.  I have peace and give the anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety, depression, sorrow and everything else that’s not peace-ish to God.

He is my Prince of Peace and He lives in me!  I can do this God’s got my back.


“I’m really trying hard at keeping my word.”

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