Expectations suck.

But aren’t expectations the same as hope?

Expectations that you will talk more than me.  Expectations that I will hear from you.  That something will increase in communication.  That you will initiate more.  That something will be different.  Than you will ask more about how I am.  That you will tell me more that you love me instead of less.  That you will improve more instead of seem to be sliding again.

This sucks.

You cursed over the phone again.

Are we going around the cycle again?

If we are I may need to seriously consider cutting it off again.  How do I really know?

You need to run.  Run from the place you are in, but you won’t.  That leaves us….now where, that really does lead us no where. We are here, and this is no where.  Expectations are useless.  Hope is useless.  It’s all useless while you are still there.  This is stupid and frustrating and agonizing.

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