My Choice Now

Nearly unattainable expectations aren’t met.

Remembering that you still haven’t chosen me one hundred percent.

Knowing that I will have to grieve by myself.  I am alone in this process.

Happiness is a choice.  Tons of things in life are a choice.  My attitude is one of them.

It’s also my choice to let the things that have happened bother me.  Yeah I have every right to have these feelings, but I also have the right to stop them from letting me function.  I have the right to choose to dwell in those negative feelings or choose positive feelings.  I have the right to choose happiness, quit thinking about the past, quit thinking about what might or might not be.  I have a choice of what I think.  If my mouth starts speaking good things, my head has no choice but to follow.  It’s like an eraser for the negative thoughts that always pop in, but it has to be done regularly.

My husband had a choice and he made his stupid choice.  Now I have to deal with the consequences and have choices to make about how I’m going to deal with them.  I need to choose more positive thoughts, choose to be happy, choose to ignore the stupid thoughts that come.  I can do this.  God inside of me can do it.

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