How is This Going to Work?

How is this going to work?

I don’t know.  I really don’t know.

We had a fun day texting.  Then you get home and call me.  You can’t come up with anything to say.  I get tired of asking all the questions and then end up asking ones that bring up bad feelings.

You said your plans were to clean your room and living room and work on your truck…you called and said you were laying on the couch eating cheetos and watching tv and napping…and proceeded to say I’m lazy the living room isn’t that bad…way to go.  Way to step up.

You are missing your children’s lives.  If nothing else motivates you I don’t know what will.  Since when do leases matter to you?  Since when is a lease more important than your children.  Although with our conversation just now, you probably still aren’t a good father.  It may not be worth bringing back a bad father, it may be better without one.

I would sacrifice anything for my children if it was necessary, I would even die.  You clearly won’t.  That’s wrong and there is a problem with that.  Selfish-ness is destroying your chance of seeing their child-hood.  I wish you would suck it up and grow up.

You said you hated being told to grow up and I said I never would tell it to you, but grow up.  Seriously growup.  There are other people in this world that your choices are affecting.  It’s not all about you dude.  It’s really not.

How in the bleepity bleep is this going to work?

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