Funny That Way

God’s funny.

Last night I asked Him to remind me to read the bible and spend more time with him.

This morning I get up.  Sit on my chair and 5 comes up to me and says, “may you please read the bible to me?”

Yes she is that polite and yes she just asked me to read the bible.  Yes God reminded me to read! ha ha I got a little laugh about that.

Then she picks a story based off Ezekiel 37 in her kids Bible.  We started reading it and she was like Whoa and I was like whoa…I never knew that was in the Bible.  Growing up in a christian school I learned a lot of bible stories but I must have forgotten about that one.

God basically took a field of bones.  Old dry weathered, sun bleached DEAD bones.  Ezekiel witnessed as all the bones moved into place, then started to grow muscles and veins and skin.  They went from bones to flesh and blood bodies.  The God told Ezekial to tell the winds to come and fill them with breathe.  Ezekial did and the bodies received breath and got up.  There were so many bones in the field that it created an army.  Maybe they were an army when they all died…who knows.

My point in telling you all this was that one.  God came through like He always does.  Two.  He can do absolutely any freaking thing!  Three.  If God can take those bones in that very dead and broken place and give them life, then he can take my broken and often dead feeling life and circumstances align them together, make new regrowth and bring them back to life.  He can make them jump and run again!  If God can do that to darn bones he can do it in my life to!  Woo hoo!  Preaching myself happy this morning.

In Jesus name I command breathe and life into my life and the circumstances around me.  God you freaking rock!  Thanks for showing up today in a very real way to me.  Amen

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