With or Without You


j a busy day.  I managed to take the three cuties to work today…was there five hours logged 3…ha ha better than nothing!  That’s three hours pay that I didn’t have before.

Made it home just in time to pick up 5 from the bus…supper, the planter soil all over the porch and the boys head and in his ears made for some get organized for tomorrow time, a meltdown over a gingerbread house that’s cooler than the one we just made led to more quiet time as she tantrumed in her room, and clumpy stinky poop on my wall and chair led to a half hour long bath in the sink as I finished supper and nursed and tracked down my wandering kids who made their way to the neighbors house.  Yes…that was clumpy poop on the wall from climbing the end table and pooping up there and leaning agains the wall as it exploded upward from his diaper…woo hoo!!

Now I quickly type as they play downstairs before bed and then I’m off to the off to the office and coffee again to get some uninterrupted work done.

I was thinking as I swept the endless rice on the ground how would this be easier with a husband on my team?  I really don’t know, but it doesn’t matter because wether or not he’s here I am going to be an awesome mom, be in ministry and own my own home which means I have to save save save by working working working.  It’s going to happen if he’s participating in the effort or not.  That thought didn’t last long.

Now to put a diaper on this wandering boy so we have no more poop incidents …or shooting pee at that and read our bedtime stories…

God is good and absolutely anything is possible with Him.  Thank you Jesus!

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