Crazy Life But Thankful

Life is quite interesting lately.

Doctor appointment, church meeting, regroup at home, parent teacher interview, costco run and bed…my poor children were filthy in the store, 3 had sat on something that made her look quite “filthy” and no I’m not the prepared mom that has spare clothes for everyone, ..sigh, their winter coats have made it to the laundry room 3 times, but always came back up before I got a chance to wash them. I never used to nurse on the go in the middle of the store oh how things change…throw on the cover and stick her on and keep walking, the five second rule occurred more than once and an employee asked 5 if she knew 3…while I was standing right there…no she’s just some random child walking around with us…we were all speechless at that one, and son crawling under the filthy table biting his sisters boot while they enjoyed their hot dog…yes I was that mom.  I remember telling my husband that my kids will never be that filthy child…HA!   We may have been a mess but we enjoyed searching out and trying all the samples, oohing and ahhing in the christmas isles, 3 and 5 enjoyed hugging the gigantic nutcracker, drooling at the toys, running in and out of the gigantic freezer and checking out the sweet iPads…we may be a mess but we had fun!

Life is quite interesting lately.

I struggled with so many thoughts as I wrote earlier today in our regroup time.  But I’ve noticed I’ve become more equipped to handle it.  I still get down and to the stare at a wall stage or stand in the kitchen and hide some tears but it’s not quite as painful.

The boy did something somehow…might have been from 3 jumping on him, climbing onto the counter and jumping off…scariest thing ever, being run over by his sisters pushing the stroller, or something else that he did two days ago…he’s limping…my baby boy is limping and I feel so bad…the doctor said he probably did something to his hip and there is nothing I can do about it 😦  You would think after 4 kids I wouldn’t rush to the doctor but I just can’t help it…I’m that mom.

I’ve started a part time job…finding child care is the hardest thing ever!  Ridiculous.

It was super cool going to my first parent-teacher interview.  5 is doing well…

I am thankful that tomorrow is a new day.  I am thankful that one day I will own my own home.  I will be successful in the business world and be financially stable able to provide for my children abundantly.  I am thankful for my children.  For a good school.  I am thankful that childcare will come eventually and I will be able to work for effectively, I am thankful that God’s got a plan for my life.  I am thankful for motivation, for opportunity to serve in the church, that I will catch up on all this housework.  I am thankful that my son isn’t hurt too bad, I am thankful that my children have their own beds…and one day they won’t get up in the night and one day they will enjoy sleeping in.  I am thankful for my husband.  I am thankful for him regardless of how I feel.  I am thankful that he is alive.  I am thankful for soothers and quiet time.  I am thankful for 3’s mermaid that comforts her, I am thankful that 5 loves art like me, I am thankful that her teachers are making her a binder of her artwork and pictures and I get to keep it at the end of the year, I am thankful for my feet…the one part of my body I feel isn’t fat.  I am thankful for this fake christmas tree that reminds me that christmas is a joyful time.  I am just so thankful.  Life is good.  God is good.  And everything thing will be ok.

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