Feeling Fab

Phew!  Chore day today, but before it could even get started every book on the kids bookshelf formed a new flooring in the hall.    The dish rags and clothes made a bed in the kitchen.  Three buckets of clean clothes got spilled over.  And every cup and bowl that makes bath time way more fun found their way to the floor.  Mommies toothbrush #1 was found in the toilet and toothbrush #2 was “accidentally” majorly spit on by 5…the finger makes a great stand in toothbrush…*roll eyes.*

The chore list got even bigger as I tried to get ready for the day.

But the day isn’t bad because I am wearing my brand new jeans! I have moved out of the track pants and leggings stage into grown up jeans again!  Those darn babies…or maybe it’s the food?  Ha ha.  And you totally can’t judge your size by the scale…as my friend says…5 lbs could just be one good poop!  And pant sizes well…let’s just say yesterday as I went to buy human pants I got one pair that’s size 18 and one that’s 24!!  Quite the difference…I’de like to say I’m an 18 like just after I gave birth to 5…but I also am a 24…who cares!  I am beautiful just this way.  With the roll polly marked up belly and knobby knees.  I am beautiful this way…size 18 or size 24.  And if my husband doesn’t see me as the most beautiful woman on earth…well he’s an idiot.  But he always said he’s the luckiest guy on earth and I think he still thinks that…I just have competition in my own mind…how frustrating and demoralizing.

Anyways my little 3 and I have painted nails, showered, hair brushed, make up on and new clothes on…we feel great!  Her especially…rocking the purple flower clip and overtop of her clothes…a bathing suit.  We are foxes and no one is going to stop us.  Ha!  On to these chores.

He’s missing out and it’s his choice, but I hope he has a fabulous day.

Father.  I love you.  Thank you for this day and for my new clothes that make me feel human again.  Thank you for my husband.  Thank you that you are teaching me to be the best wife ever.  Thank you for loving on my husband and showing him your faithfulness.  Thank you father that he is safe and wise and full of joy.  I love you Father and thank you for this fabulous day!  It’s almost Christmas too! How exciting.  I love you Lord.  Amen!

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