One Hundred Dollars

Today was a good day.

Someone blessed us with the life saving baby swing that I’ve wanted for…the past three months ha ha so we went to pick that up and then we donated other stuff and restocked the kids bookshelves with them thrifty books.

How did I live without a swing?  Man my arm will get a lot less work out now.

Then the girls went skating on fake ice…that was lame.  They had a blast but hello if you tell people you are putting an outdoor ice rink up…don’t go the lazy way.

I wish my husband could have been sitting there with me as we watched the cuties skate.

When you called today you said you went to the flea market with your dad.  You said you were looking at buying a battery and your dad said don’t.  You didn’t buy it but you didn’t know why he said no.  Then you said it was a hundred bucks….I know exactly why he said no.  He said no because he has supported his grandchildren nearly as much as you have provided for your children.  You are buying a hundred dollar battery but you aren’t paying child support.  He bought your plane ticket to see us.  Come on.

I hope my heart softens by the time he comes and I hope he pursues me and I fall in love with him again and I hope some serious problems get worked out.  But mostly I hope I fall in love with him again.  As of right now…I can’t see us working out after next week.

Dear Lord, please help us.  I can’t do this on my own.  Take over my heart and mind.

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