Make Him Jealous!

Two days until I pick him up from the airport.

First time we will see each other in eight months.

You said it was a long time to wait…ha…I had nothing to say to that….you didn’t wait.

Anyways the past is in the past.  Moving on.

The kids are oober excited about him coming.  They still don’t know when but they are excited and it’s nice to be able to say that he is actually coming and not just sometime he’ll visit.  I still haven’t told them exactly when, the “is it today?!” will be endless.

Although I should probably tell them so they can be excited…or would it be best to surprise them and see their awesome reaction?  Oh the decisions.  But time is ticking.

If I’m this anxious already I can’t imagine how anxious i’m going to be the day I pick him up.  Phew.

In other news I got a rocking new hair cut!  I feel fabulous.  It was done in one of those fancy places.  Where the rich people go…and it was free!  A friend was interviewing for a job and needed a model…kachow!  I’m a great model.

Anyways it was wonderful to be pampered.   I told her to make him jealous.  ha ha…it feels good!

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