One Day

So he comes in one day.

The anxiety is through the roof!

Driving home from work today it hit me that tomorrow I will be driving to pick him up and all I could do was cry.  Cry with relief, cry from anxiety, I don’t know why…but I just cried.

And then the darn radio songs start playing…sheesh.

I never really understood what they meant all those love songs.  All the heartbreak they sing about, the boy stuff.  I thought they were just a bunch of balogna and non-sense until a few months ago when I truly found out what heartbreak over boy stuff is.

“You left me lying on the cement”  “You are here beside me, but you aren’t”

Bah…I now have a feeling that comes when I hear so many lyrics that I would just nonchalantly sing along to.  Most of the time I can’t stand it and just turn it off.

And then one song came on talking about her ex bringing his girlfriend to a party and lying and cheating and ya da ya da….and it irritates me so much that they sing about this stuff like it’s nothing.  Seriously people go through this crap and it’s seriously painful stuff, how can you sing like it’s nothing?  Obviously if you sing about it in a carefree manner you never really experienced the cheating that causes so much pain and darkness.

ok my rant is done…back to mommy-business.

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