Relatively Unscathed

I survived my anniversary relatively unscathed.  To be honest the day after was harder.

He called 5 times the day of our anniversary.  I ignored the call 5 times.

I think the key to my success was not labeling the day “my anniversary”  it was just another day in my books as my marriage is basically no more.

I did end up answering after the 6th call.  We had a good normal person conversation and that was it.

I’m still struggling with detaching myself from him.

I have told him I no longer want to be Mrs. and no longer desire to be his wife as he plays foolish games and we are basically at the point of abuse with all these shenanigans.

Yet we are still able to talk and have fun together…blah.

Anyways, yesterday was a little tougher, the year kinda looks bleak but I got dressed, even wore my one and only necklace and put on the make up, forcing myself to rock out this new year.

It is such a weird thought that I may be going on a date this year with someone who is not my husband.  How weird!! Kinda stressful.  I don’t want to have to deal with that whole dating thing.  I never did it before and don’t really want to do it again…but then again look where that got me.

The past is in the past.  There is nothing I can do about it, no amount of stewing about it will accomplish anything so I might as well let it go and begin the healing process.  No amount of stewing about what is still going on is going to accomplish anything.  No amount of Facebook on pintrest stalking is going to accomplish anything.  The past is in the past and I’m going to move on, no I’m not “going” to…I am moving on.  I am! I am one rocking single hot momma!  ha ha….atleast keep telling myself that.

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