Finding My Purpose

Stupid people, do stupid things and I married one of the stupidest ones.

This evening the kids and I finished watching Master Chef Jr.  We all celebrated as the finalist that we wanted to win won!  Go Logan.

Then once I got the kids in bed, a tooth in my lip and an instant fat lip from goodnight kiss gone bad, I listened to some Elevation Church…good stuff you should listen.

His sermon was called “more of the same”.

Sometimes it’s good to stay the same.  Be persistent.  If you don’t stay the same in things you will miss the miraculous, you will miss the reward.  The same workout = results, the same job = success etc.

He also mentioned there is bad same…stupid same…yeah I got stuck in that one.

But he was talking about good same.  So many people give up on things, get tired of the same…that was “him”.  He often complained about everything being the same, nothing changing…that’s what I enjoyed.  I enjoyed my little life that was and could have been….he didn’t like the same.  Hence never keeping a job. Hence not keeping the same wife.

At the end of the sermon he mentioned when he talked to his grandfather and asked how do you stay in love, his grandfather said, “keep coming home”…again and again and again…

That’s just something that struck me…my husband didn’t always come home…he didn’t come home…he wasn’t happy with the same and he isn’t going to get the rewards that come from the same…from always coming home…he isn’t going to get the reward of 50 years of marriage, seeing every day of his children’s lives, because those things require being persistent in the same.

The message encouraged me to stay the same, to continue to be faithful in my parenting skills and keep putting as much passion into it, to keep being faithful in my job, to stay in this area because yes the thoughts of running again have come to my mind.

Stay the same.  Be persistent.  The faithful will bring blessings.

In another sermon he just said this…

While the enemy was pushing you out, God is pulling you into your purpose!

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