Begin the Process

I went to the courthouse today.

Left after I got to talk to a lawyer.  He made the process simple and I’m going for full custody and access and support.

I just have to fill out some papers and bring them back to file.

When I left I had the most horrible feeling ever.

He still calls me every day, emails me every day.  As soon as I serve him I will be saying, goodbye to him.

Yes he hurt me, yes I often struggle with hate, but yes I miss the heck out of him.

This sucks so much.

This weekend I will out my paperwork and next week the paperwork will be couriered to a process server.  Next week I will be truly saying goodbye to my husband as I foresee him reacting very negatively.

Struggling with keeping it together right now.

These killer headaches I’ve discovered are from stress.

Breathing and praising Jesus helped today’s ease up.

Jesus can get me through everything.

5 thoughts on “Begin the Process

  1. I know the feeling 😦 You have fought a long and hard battle, and frmo the sounds of things you are making a well informed and wise decision. It does suck, and I am sorry that you had to go through something like this but healing will start and things will get better. We are praying for you 🙂
    Better days ahead 🙂

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