Party On

I never really had help planning or setting up for birthday parties.  Mostly he was my food guy.  Cut 5’s watermelon into a shark for her mermaid party and refill the punch.  I was the plan, setup, host and clean up girl.  So it’s not really any different now, but I still miss him, a watermelon shark would be perfect for a pirate party.  😦

This will be his 5th birthday that he has missed of his children.  He wasn’t around for 5’s third one, 5’s fifth one, the birth of baby, and now 3’s fourth…I guess that makes her 4 and the boys second birthday.  We are doing a combined birthday this Friday for 4 and boy.  Mixing unicorns and pirates is quite the task.  Unicorns are definitely a mystical creature.  They avidly avoid normal every day regular human being stores.  So here I am left to cut unicorn shapes out of colorful paper to make decorations, cupcake decorations and crafts for the kids.

It’s all me.  It’s going to be a blast, but I wish their daddy hadn’t made the choices that he had made.

I wish I didn’t have to wait for the package he supposedly sent weeks ago with their dance money and something for his daughters birthday that was a week ago.  Or that his dad didn’t have to pay for their summer camp.

But it is what it is.  God is still God and I am still loved.  Life goes on and we will be absolutely ok.

Party on!  Throwing parties brings me much joy.

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