It’s Real People

I went to watch the Kingsmen with my dad tonight while my mom babysat…

While we sat eating our popcorn before the movie even started all I could think about was him and her…how we held hands watching that movie back in December…how everything is a lie…so frustrating…some people are so stupid.

They had 50 shades of grey stuff up, and other previews with guys and girls and fighting and cheating…do they not realize that real people experience this?  Why is it so enticing for people to watch other peoples hurts?  Am I the only one who is now sickened by watching this?  I guess it wasn’t a reality before, it was meh whatever it’s just a story, but now I realize this crap happens in every day peoples lives…also so frustrating.  It’s real hurts people.  It’s real.

One thought on “It’s Real People

  1. Since your other half has not made any commitment or made any actions to make it up to you and his own children, my advice is to send him the letters and bleed him to his last cent. I am not one of those on Lady Chumps etc but I have survived and my h to date has been committed. But I have seen my good friend being cheated and at the moment I am helping her to fight her husband who rather spends every dollars on Thai woman than giving a dollar on his own children.


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