I’m Back

I’m back, I’m still alive, still breathing, still taking it one day at a time.

“Someone” found my blog so I took a hiatus for a while.

I will have full custody by the end of the month.  He didn’t show up to court which forfeited his rights.  That was nerve racking and a mass of emotions that were hard to untangle.

It was exciting to know they are mine, but mostly it made me so incredibly sad.  My children’s father did not show up to fight for them.  He gave them up.  My heart breaks for my children and my heart breaks for him.

In other news I have chosen to live with my parents for another year so we are house hunting …the rental market sucks and the whole process sucks and is exhausting.

5 is about to turn 6…that’s crazy!  My baby is growing up too quickly.

Some days are still tough, but I have a lot of good days now.  That’s relieving.  God has something good for me.  I went to a conference for church leaders this past weekend.  It was amazing and the best thing I learned was that I am still called no matter who comes and goes in my life and what happens.  I am still called and I still have the skills to complete my call, even if my husband leaves me.

Life is exhausting, and a struggle, but exciting and worth it and my children are simply amazing.

The random dance parities in the bedroom with all five of us just before bed is all worth it.  I am sorry that I chose to do the dishes instead of playing barbies like they asked me to tonight.  Tomorrow is a new day.

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