Super mom

The house is finally nearly box free….it’s actually pretty barren.

It’s crazy to think that 16 months ago we had 3 suitcases and 3 rubber bins.  We have collected a lot to rebuild our lives, but as I look around my living room and see empty walls, little furniture and the few small decorations I have collected this past year I remember all that I did have.  It’s just stuff.  But I’m reminded of what I’ve lost. I have started out from scratch.  I have provided a home on my own for my children and I have furnished it well enough.  I am so thankful for all of this.  I am so thankful that my children have an abundance of clothes and toys.  They all have beds and nice rooms.  I am so thankful they are not missing anything.

It is beyond frustrating that most people don’t understand what it is like to be a mother of four small children.  Expectations are high which causes disappointments to be high.  Many people truly do think that we do nothing all day.  They don’t understand that is is quite possible that three of the four children were screaming at once leaving you to send the one quiet one off so she doesn’t freak out too, while disciplining four, while whipping out the boob to nurse the sick baby, while trying to get boy to nap, therefore leaving a wake of disaster on the path from the lunch/craft table to our downstairs “home”.  Sometimes there is just no time to clean up, unpack a box, put clothes away while tending to the constant needs of four small children.  I’m not super mom, if she exists she can come help me.

Speaking of super mom, 6 asked me to do something today and I had to reply; “I have everyone else asking me to do something at the moment, I just can’t right now.”  6 piped up immediately, “so and so (my friend) says you are super mom so why can’t you?”

Bahahaha being reminded that someone else believes in my mom skills was actually quiet encouraging.  Everyone parent’s differently and my way isn’t a bad way and it’s ok if there is a mess and I am a good mom.  I am a good mom no matter what anyone else thinks and if the whole world thinks I should be doing it differently.  I am a good mom 🙂


He is still out in the abyss of no communication.  I see him floating around Facebook so I know he’s alive.  He hasn’t talked to his children since they have been in the new house.  Strange.  I will never understand how someone can abandon their children.

His mom and step dad sent me birthday money…I think that may have been the first time they ever got me anything for my birthday…also strange, but sure made me feel loved and not forgotten or the black sheep.

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