Good Memories

The house is coming together.

Piece by piece.  Picture by picture.

Yet it feels like it’s taking forever.  Most of my day is spent running in circles chasing after the kids messes they leave behind.

This is why I often get funny faces from people because eventually I just embrace it. They are going to make a mess wherever they go so why not join them under the table and eat popcorn with a dump truck?  I might as well enjoy it too and make a memory…and then there are times like today that I just want to get this house down and organized in a manner that works for us before school starts and busyness begins.  Balance.  Organization.  Memories.  Loving on the kids.  It all takes balance.

6 ended up staying late because I was accomplishing stuff and she was playing quietly.  When I finally said it was bedtime she begged me to play lego with her (actually she was begging all along) and I caved.  I wish I caved a lot sooner.  It was fun.  Actually a lot of fun.  We built a little playground/secret hide out for her lego people and animals.  We made a memory.  We talked about how her daddy and I used to play lego together (yes as adults).  Him and I had a lot of fun together playing lego.

Is it really possible to find another man that loves me the way I deserve to be loved and is silly enough to play lego with me?  To not only build but take our crazy creations and pretend to attack each other?  To drive our vehicles around?  ha ha sounds stupid, but why not just have fun?  Is there really another man that isn’t too “grown up” for that stuff?

I’m me.  I dance crazy when the music comes on.  I sing loudly and horribly. I dance wildly in the car.  I run through the sprinklers.  I play lego.  I paint.  I “skate” on the wood floors.  I play fight.  I enjoy life.  Is there someone out there for me?  Who will let me be me and encourage me to be me?

That’s a good memory.  He let me be me and joined me more often than not.  Thumbs up for that. Good memories.

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