Focused with Purpose

Photo on 9-20-15 at 5.38 PM Photo on 9-20-15 at 5.41 PM

Today was filled with church in which all 8 kids in kids church said the prayer of salvation together, some for the first time.  Woop woop!

Then it was filled with chores, that everyone pitched in on.  The house is reorganized, clean  and ready for the week….except for the mirrors…I have forgotten for the past month to buy windex every time I’ve gone to the store!…ick…the hand prints have taken over.

Although I must say it is wonderful to have so many mirror choices after living for a year in a house with one small mirror in a bathroom that all 5 of us huddled around every morning and that wouldn’t even show us our whole outfit.  Now we have 3 full length mirrors and a humongous amazing gorgeous bathroom mirror.  Booh ya!

Next it involved banana splits and the new Cinderella movie which was totally awesome and pretty child appropriate in my opinion and I’m a picky opinion most of the time when it comes to media.

Then the kids played outside while I prepped for the week and got my head around it.  I now know what I have to do and it’s written down so I can accomplish my goals. How am I supposed to know what my purpose and plans are this week if I don’t write them down?  You can’t purposefully live if you don’t think of that purpose first.

Then we had bath and bed…bath time is finally down pat…only took me 6 years to find a routine that works for us…sheesh.

Bed…still a work in progress as you can see by this head on my shoulder.

Photo on 9-20-15 at 9.29 PM

Sometimes the battle isn’t worth it and to be completely honest I enjoy the bedtime cuddles.  The company is nice and the heavy breathing is soothing.

Live on purpose, live with focus and live with a plan for action.

That’s my motto lately.

Coming up with plans to better support my kiddos financially.

Plans to teach them french.

Plans to get in their activities they would like to do and that will benefit them to be better people…the arts, sports, skills.

Plans for giving – investing in the church with my time and talents.

Plans for getting me the social support I need – aka hanging out with friends that I am slowly connecting with and reconnecting with my bestest old one!

Plans to grow me – right now that’s with books.

That’s my life lately and I quite enjoy it all actually!

What do you want?  How are you going to get it?

Stay focused with a purpose.

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