She’ll poop it out eventually

Hey People!

Ever swallow a penny?  Nope me either.

But 4 sure did!  Normally I would be like woo! That will be some shiny poop, but let’s not do that again.

Except it was stuck, now don’t panic…she was still breathing, talking and not turning purple, but clearly upset because she could feel it stuck in her neck.  You could actually see a small lump in her throat…FREAKY!

Thank Jesus for google!  She sat on the counter with tears running down her eyes sipping a bottle of water while I whipped out that google.

The first thing I read…go directly to the er, they will have to shove something down her throat and remove it…or have surgery.

Um…next choice?

She will poop it out eventually.  Much better, but it didn’t quite make it to the digestive system yet…hm…

If it’s stuck go to the er.

“Is it still stuck 4?”…I repeatedly asked this as I tried to find more option from my genius friend, Google.

We were there a good 5 minutes when I finally heard “It’s gone down mommy”

Hallelujah!  I was not feeling an ER trip for a penny.

“Please don’t eat anything else 4″…”well except food and drink right mommy?”

She’s so smart.

About ten minutes later she comes out of her room saying her tummy hurts (aka I have to poop).  She got on the can and did her time consuming business.  “I feel so much better now that I pooped the penny out mom.”

“ummm…there is no penny in there hun…it’s going to take a few days.”

“oh I didn’t know that! ha ha ha”

I love my 4 even though she keeps me on my toes pretty much all the time.

She’s the one that first slid down the railing in our new house, slides down the stairs head first on her belly, jumps into the water whether you are paying attention or not and whether she has some sort of flotation device on or not.  The one who climbs the half wall, and squeezes everyone’s head because she just loves us all so much.  The one who has sliced her toe open, had numerous black eyes as a baby, the first to jump off the counter onto the mattress, off the bunk bed onto the other bed…if I ever end up at the hospital with a kid, odds are it’s her.  But she is hilarious through it all.

As 6 put it well a few weeks ago, “You never know what people bring.  I bring manners, baby  brings cuteness, 4 brings joyness and boy brings love.”  That describes them to a tee, t?  definitely not tea.  I’m not even sure what a t has to do with it describing them perfectly.

Thankful for my minions even when they cause so much extra stress.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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