One seriously pissed off mother

Love apparently one of the hardest things on the planet to understand yet the whole reason we were created.

It shouldn’t be so hard to love like we are supposed to when we were created for it.

I’ll make it simple, love doesn’t expect a 6 year old to be perfect and refuse to come back until 6 behaves in those standards

Love loves her the way she is and for who she is now.  Leaving her makes her feel unloved which makes her misbehave anymore.

Seriously what’s with all these people in my life that don’t get this.  Love is not a feeling and love is not conditional.  It wants to be with someone regardless.  Don’t say you love someone then expect them to be perfect and abandon them because they don’t meet your unreasonable standards.

One seriously pissed off mother and it isn’t even regarding her father…yeesh.

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