“But as people sinned more and more, God’s wonderful grace became more abundant”  Romans 5:20


Welcome to my blog.  This is my story, essentially my journal of what I am experiencing and how I am surrvivng and growing from an unexpected broken marriage.   I am a mother, a wife,  a woman trying to find a career, and a Jesus lover.  This is my story and my adventure.

Life sometimes kicks you in the butt.  Infidelity, lies, abandonment  and goodbyes will leave you feeling hollow, hurt, lonely, angry along with a whirlwind of other emotions.  How I’m surviving I honestly don’t know except for the grace of God.  I am writing this blog in hopes that someone will stumble upon it and it will encourage them that there is hope and life doesn’t have to be lived in anger and rage.  It is possible to have peace, forgivenes and even joy in such a time as this.

Out of respect for my husband, children, family and myself I am writing this under an alias.  I wish to keep my life as messy-less as possible as we are still right in the throws of the situation.  I also realize that reading this a lot of my husbands faults will be revealed and he may look like a terrible person.  It is not my purpose to make him look bad, my purpose is to let you see my journey through this situation.  He is not the only contributor to our failed marriage, a marriage is two people and it takes two to make it fail.  Part of this journey is for me to grow personally and and learn from my mistakes in hopes that I can become a better person and if one day I get a second chance I can do it better than the first.

God bless and I pray as I begin to write it is an encouragement to you.

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