Thank You For My Husband

Heavenly Father,

I just pray for my husband right now.  I pray that you would be with him and protect him.  Surround him with your mighty protective angels.  I pray that you would love on him, show him your grace and peace.  Show him where he should go and what he should do.  Teach him, guide him, love him.  I thank you father for restoring our marriage.  I may not seem thankful, but I am.  Thank you for restoring it.  Thank you that you make all things turn out for good, either way it turns out for good for me simply because I love you.  I just feel really strongly to pray for my husband right now.  I’m not sure what exactly for, but I pray it! Keep him safe from the top of his head to the bottom of his stinky feet.  Even his heart.  Heal his heart.  Show him your mercy and your forgiveness.  Show him your grace and your love.  Show him your peace and your joy.  Show him your ways.  Show him how to obey you.  Teach him how to be a father.  Teach him how to be a husband.  Teach him how to be a son and a brother.  How to be my lover and a friend.  Teach him how to be a man of God.  A gentleman.  Thank you Lord for him.  Thank you Lord for showing us how to love again, play again, flirt again, be a team again.  Thank you Lord for teaching us all we need to know.  Thank you Lord for bringing him back to us.  Thank you Lord for helping us all become one family serving you with all our hearts.  Thank you Lord for my husband and who he is in you.  In Jesus name Amen.