Dreaming about what could be while trying to say in the what is.

Trying to keep three children at the table while getting everyone seconds and drinks and keeping a baby from crying.  Cleaning up the spilled milk, smelling the poopy diaper, washing the dishes and trying to have a legit conversation with my daughters.  Trying to wash hands and faces before they all escape and reminding them to scrape their plates.  Eating their leftovers that don’t actually get scraped…my supper was delicious. (note sarcasm, second hand food isn’t my number one choice).

Doing all this while dreaming of doing this my husband.  Cooking the meal for him.  Then we could tidy up together, put the kids to bed together then curl up, chat and watch some tv together.  You even suggested some hot chocolate…together.  oh the dreams.  It’s weird dreaming with you.  But will it ever actually happen?  Will you ever show up?  If you do will you actually help out?

I’ll never know unless you come here to test it out.

Needless to say, doing this parenting thing alone is hard, but I will enjoy as many moments with these short people because they are simply amazing and worth the world to me.  Maybe one day they will mean the world to their daddy too.