As I go through this journey there have been some awesome resources.  I will add them here as I come across them.

1.  I totally recommend a counselor.  I would specifically recommend a christian counselor.  Someone who can encourage forgiveness.  Your life will be miserable without forgiveness.

2.  I recommend finding one positive friend.  Someone who isn’t going to give up on you or get tired of listening to you.  Someone who will pray for you and give you sound advice.

3.  Find a church you can plug into.  They don’t need to know everything going on in your life, but somewhere that you can be built up and encouraged each week.  Most churches also have resources and groups you can join so you don’t feel so alone.

4.  For ladies, “becoming myself” by Stasi Eldredge has been very revealing for me.

5.  This “Meant to Be” series from Elevation Church has been helpful in learning and growing and encouraging.  Don’t look at it all from the view of how our spouses suck, but from the view of bettering ourselves.


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