It’s so frustrating not knowing what you are doing every moment of the day, it’s so frustrating waiting to hear from you when I know it probably won’t come today.

I don’t even remember what happened yesterday but you got upset…which means you haven’t called or emailed today.  So stupid….

Finally you just emailed me…I asked what you were doing today…”tv and blanket”  seriously that’s your answer?  You can’t even call?  You can’t email more than three words?  Whatever.

I’m so pissed off right now.  Back to the conditional love.  I bring up the past then ask for forgivenss and you act like this, no more calls, good mornings…ugh.

These commercials with wild animals coming out of peoples stomachs and eating Jack lynks is so stupid too.

I was going to write about staying focused on God and leaving the past in the past, but I just want to feel loved.  Call me even if it’s just to say you love me.

I guess I could say you’re just my boyfriend and you are coming to visit and we will see how it goes from there…but you aren’t you are my husband and the father of my four children, but maybe that will help me have less expectations.  I’ve never actually had a boyfriend other than you so this may be hard and how the heck do I know if you are still playing with multiple girlfriends?


2 thoughts on “Whatever

  1. I’m so sorry AG seriously you are loved.. if not by him.. God and I.. You are a fellow sister in Christ and sister through somewhat shared experiences.. I had to wait for my husband to come back to me too. Because even if he was still here it wasn’t him. I think my husband is coming back to me slowly but I never know.. I never know when the double agent will return. He says its him. I have my doubts.


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